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Offspring 2023: Raamvertelling

De Ateliers presents the exhibition 'Offspring 2023: Frame Storytelling' from October 21 to November 5. The exhibition is curated by curator Raimundas Malašauskas and brings together work by the ten young artists who are completing their two-year work period at De Ateliers.


Gegee Ayurzana (1998, Mongolië)
Annabelle Binnerts (1995, Nederland)
Ryan Christopher (1998, Verenigd Koninkrijk)
Clémence Lollia Hilaire (1995, Guadeloupe)
Alexandra Kadzevich (1992, Oekraïne)
Michelle Chang Qin (1996, China)
Johan Roelofs (1998, Nederland)
Daisy Smith (1995, Verenigd Koninkrijk)
Tobias Thaens (1999, Nederland)
Joppe Venema (1998, Nederland)

The title of Offspring this year is Frame Story. A word that is even more difficult to pronounce for non-Dutch speakers than De Ateliers or Woonhuis. It refers to the narrative technique in which one story forms the framework for a number of other stories, the inner stories. Curator of Raamvertelling is exhibition maker, writer and artist Raimundas Malašauskas. In his texts and exhibitions he always succeeds in highlighting and bringing together certain stories, emphasizing both their individual peculiarities and mutual similarities. His ability to give the artists space to talk about their work and practice has enabled them to each shape and express their own frame story, as well as an overarching version. Frame story, as an exhibition and as a publication, emphasizes the common ground between these ten artists. Be it material, spiritual, emotional or time-related. But at the same time it ingeniously preserves the exceptional character of each art practice.

Offspring 2023 will also be accompanied by a group exhibition in the Woonhuis, +1. Each participant invited someone with whom they wanted to exhibit together. +1 will show work by admired former participants, partners and acquaintances.

Offspring 2023
Saturday, 21 October – Sunday, 5 November 2023
Open Wednesday–Sunday, 11:00-17:00

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Stadhouderskade 86
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